One of the cornerstones of Eurest Services' mission is to employ and master sustainable practices. Through our Corporate Environmental Policy, our service experts strive to create a culture that, not only decreases the overall carbon footprint, but also considers how our services can positively impact the health of a facility's inhabitants.


    Within our company, we are dedicated to operating in a socially responsible manner and fostering the continued growth and well-being of our employees via extensive safety training and career development initiatives. Most importantly, our passion for sustainability also refers to meeting and exceeding our clients' needs to ensure that we create an enduring and successful partnership.




    Eurest Services has partnerships with every major cleaning, equipment and related products company in the world. We leverage our purchasing power as a global company to bring high-end, certified, and effective equipment to each of our client sites, at an incredibly reduced market rate. We are proud to partner with companies that have earned the Innovation Award from the ISSA for products that industry distributors, building service contractors, in-house service providers, and wholesalers voted as the most innovative.

    The following is a listing of our Corporate Sustainability Partners:


    CLEANING AGENTS:  Diversey, Inc.

    EQUIPMENT:  Tennant and Nilfisk

    PAPER AND PLASTICS:  Georgia-Pacific

    SUPPLIES:  Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Inc.




    With nearly 55% of all organizations implementing a formal sustainability strategy, now more than ever, companies are turning to green solutions to realize cost savings and health benefits.


    Eurest Services offers a number of sustainable solutions that will increase the quality of your buildings, while decreasing your costs and impact on the environment. Sustainable programs employ processes that promote health, safety, and social consciousness, while reducing consumption and inefficiency. These processes can include the use of environmentally friendly janitorial products, equipment, recycling and waste management, and energy monitoring. Studies are convincingly positive:  an all-encompassing sustainability program benefits the health of employees, as well as the health of the organization itself.


    We continue to push ourselves to truly master the art and science of sustainability via our certified Green Cleaning Program. We also understand that going green is a significant commitment, which is why we have developed solutions that can be incrementally introduced and easily implemented.


    Eurest Services measures the benefits of a sustainability program through the following areas: